"Route does not exist" when attempting to view Invoice PDF

Just recently updated to the latest version (from .40 → v5.5.51-C104) and when I try to look at a generated invoice PDF, I get a message saying that the route doesn’t exist.

If I bring up the dev console in Chrome, I can see the following:

Request URL: https://invoices.example.com/invoices.example.com/client/invoice/TyPKKCFadDZmhUd9ylUUgEUIfHQZXUmH/download?t=1673388876663&t=1673388876663 (Status 404)

In the request headers, I see the invoices.example.com in the :path: parameter.

It looks like the URL generated tries to use the FQDN (invoices.example.com) twice as if I remove one of the instances of “invoices.example.com” it seems to work.

I get the same issue if I try the Windows App or the Android App.

Thankfully, if I send the invoice as an email, the URL in the email is correct (only one instance of the FQDN) and the PDF is viewable.

I have SnapPDF installed.

I fully admit I possibly fudged up the update, and if the solution is to reinstall, I’ll gladly do it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!



@david any ideas?


looks like the client portal URL is doubling up…

can you check what value is set in Settings > Client Portal > Domain

I did have the FQDN in the domain! — I’ve removed that, it does appear to get one step further, but now I get the “Failed to load PDF” on new PDFs. Trying to go through some of other forum posts to troubleshoot.

(Old invoices work now, but new ones don’t) :person_shrugging: Very strange :slight_smile:

I’m going to do a reinstall (with import of data) on another VM and see if I can make it happier on a fresh install vs. trying to fix whatever I might have busted during the upgrade :slight_smile:

So, it turns out it was SnapPDF that was failing to load a bunch of dependencies which caused the “Failed to load PDF” error message.

This was found by trying to create the ‘Hello World’ test pdf that’s been mentioned elsewhere on this forum. Error message indicated that I had dependencies that were missing.

This link showed me all of the dependencies for my installation — installed them all, and now my PDFs are able to be opened (even newly created ones).


Hi, sorry to bring an old post but I am running into this same problem. I’m running self-host, and I have no URL set in the client portal. The URL is duplicated twice. My APP URL in the .env is set correctly also. Any other advice?