How i can round the numbers?

In Switerland CHF ist the smallest ending possibility 05, so we have to round on this.
This is not possible to pay:
90.18 CHF
Should be 90.20 CHF in this case.


It isn’t currently supported.

Much thanks for the fast answer;-)

OK, when you program this, CHF = rounding to 5. That is fix.
Or different: if you have CHF in your system, then you need also a rounding to 5.
It is a must to work with in Switzerland.

Thanks for the info, I’m surprised we didn’t hear about this sooner.

OK, maybee after you will have much more clients;-)

Hello there,

I’m also looking for something like this, I’m also from Switzerland and I have some clients interested in the system too, but we need to do the rounding.

@hillel don’t you have some kind of code we could introduce to the system to make it work?

No, I don’t have the code

@hillel and since 2017 there’s no update on that?

That’s correct.

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