Rollback to old design

Is it possible to rollback to previous Ninja design
I updated the other day and dont like it.


There is an option on the dashboard to change to the React app which is similar to v4.

If you can provide specific feedback about what you don’t like it would be helpful to improve it.

For the life of me I cannot remove the Client ID and also when I select a Product and add a description of what the product is it saves the description so when I use the product again I have to delete what I wrote in the previous invoice.

If you mean the client number the field is now required so will be repopulated automatically by the app. You can remove it from the invoice PDF if you don’t want it shown.

You can disable the auto update option on Settings > Product Settings to prevent the product from being updated.

Thank you.
I thought I was going crazy re ID number. I have never heard of that in Australia.
Product problem now solved. Thank you.

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