Revolut as payment gateway for invoiceninja

Is here any plans to make or is it already possible to take payments using Revolut as payment Gateway?
They are cheaper (1% + 0.20eur) than Stripe (1.4%+0.25eur) and you get the money in 1day.


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May I ask where you get this numbers from?
Revolut shows no numbers on their website (I wasn’t able to find the rates unless being contacted by a sales person).
AFAIK Stripe is even higher than you mentioned (2.9% + fee).

But yes, any additional (serious) payment gateway is always an enhancement for Invoice Ninja. So +1 for the feature request from me :slight_smile:

This request is being tracked here:

It says it under the pricing in the business section, at least for the locale i’m accessing from 1% + €0.20 for EEA Consumer Cards and 2.8% + €0.20 for all other cards.
and Here Business Accept Payments Pricing | Revolut IE

Screenshot in case the hide pricing in some countries