Reversed an Invoice

We received a chargeback notice on an invoice and the invoice got “reversed” in error. Is there anyway to “unreverse” the invoice so I can refund the payment and mark the invoice past due?

Hi Angel,

Reversal are destructive in that they unlink the previous payments,

There is going to be a credit now, linked to your client’s account. Since they were actually refunded and you want to bring back the invoice but with past due, I think the best course of action would be to clone the reversed invoice, and make sure to manually set the date to the original past date if necessary, then delete the credit your client was given.

Maybe make a private note in the new invoice covering what happened, and leave it at that so to keep it simple as possible.

I think I was wrong, the payment record should still be available if you look for it, and you can properly mark the original payment refunded, and just delete the credit record linked to the payment. Then your bookkeeping should still be in order.