Resetting User Password From Server/Database

Hi there,
I’m working on a fresh installation of Invoice Ninja v5. Like a doofus, I didn’t note my password (thought I saved in pwd mgr but did not). Right now, I still have a logged-in session. However, I cannot change my password from within the app because it asks my current password. Which I do not have.

What is the method to change a user password from within the server or database itself? Or even adding a new user from within the server or database?

Emails are also not working right now, so an email reset pwd is not possible.



These steps work in v4, they may also work in v5:

  • At the CLI run php artisan tinker
  • Run: bcrypt('new_password')
  • Update the password in the users table in the database
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If I understand correctly, I should run bcrypt to generate a new password, and then store that in the Users table of the database, yes?

If so, then how do I know what the new clear-text password is?

In the example above new_password would be the clear text password.

Duh! I finally came to that conclusion, too. Thank for the response, David.