Reselling RMM Services

Hello - wondering the recommended method for reselling an RMM service. I pay X dollars per month per PC, but receive a bill from the vendor for all of the PCs I use their software on. For example, if I get a bill for 20 computers at X per computer but that covers 4 customers, what is the recommended way to record that as an expense to resell the service and have the cost applied to the service I am reselling.

If I pay $10 per computer and receive a bill for $200 to cover 20 computers, but I and charging customers $15/computer, should I put in a purchase order for the 20 computers @ $200 and make the product with the price of $10 or create these as expenses?

Want to start it out correctly so if my cost changes the correct cost will be reflected and I am reselling these services the recommended way. Invoicing for these things/simple book keeping is not my strong suit so I wanted to find out the best way to do it in Invoice Ninja.

Also - been playing around with different ways of doing this using expenses, then trying to delete those expenses but they still appear in reports. Is there a way to purge deleted expenses?

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Either approach should work. There’s an option on Settings > Product Settings to track the product cost or you can use expenses.

Which app are you using? In the desktop and mobile there’s an option to include/exclude deleted records from the reports on Settings > Account Management.

Thank you for the quick reply! I’m mostly using the desktop version, I’ll adjust that setting.

Great product, by the way. Have tried other products but really liking Invoice Ninja (and the support)!


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