Requirements not met during first install

Hi all,
I just installed Invoice Ninja to my VPS and have run into a snag. I nstalled everything I found in this tutorial - How to Install InvoiceNinja on Ubuntu 20.04 Server with Apache/Nginx

However when I go to setip initially I get the error of PHP requirements not met, although they seem to be installed or already there.

See screenshot: Screenshot on 2023-02-20 at 19-43-58.png - Droplr

Any ideas would be appreciated.


@david do you have any suggestions to debug this?

you may want to put a file phpinfo.php

in your public/

directory temporarily with the following contents



Then run is available for purchase -

You’ll be able to see which version of PHP is running and the installed extensions. This should give you enough information to debug and resolve.

Ensure you remove the PHPINFO file as soon as possible afterwards.

Not sure what I am looking it. Can I message you the link to see? Not sure what to look for to be honest.

Strange even though I upgraded to PHP 8 it shows PHP 7.4. Wierd.

Is there anyone willing to help me take a look at the issue if I can give access.
Thanks a ton.