Reports-problem – expenses should be shown by payment-date

Hey folks,

I must do my vat-declaration now and I’m a little bit confused by the report-system of InvoiceNinja.

Payments are only sorted or displayed by date, not by payment-date (!). But this is what I and others need.

Is there anyone out there who uses IN in Germany and the reports succesfully? I really could need some help, please!




Can you explain what you mean by date vs payment date?

Also, which app are you using?

Hi, Hillel,

when you create an expense you give it a date. Usually it’s the date of the invoice for the expense. And when this invoice is paid, you set it to paid and the payment-date.

I get vat back for every item I bought for my business. And therefore I need a list of the expenses (and payments, too) including vats/taxes. But only those one, which are paid in the respective month.

Thanks for the explanations, I don’t believe this is currently supported directly in the app. You’d need to export the data and then filter it.

Feel free to create an issue on GitHub to request it.