Reports on sales by product and client

My primary goals are to understand how much revenue particular products make (to determine best sellers), and how much revenue particular clients bring in. Any guidance on how to generate these reports within InvoiceNinja, or extract this data from InvoiceNinja and generate reports through a third-party (such as Putler)?



The client and invoice item reports should contain that data.

Let me know if anything is missing.

Yep I found those. I’m not seeing an export button though. In the documentation it looks like there should be an export button next to “Columns” in the top right on the reports page. Can’t find it anywhere, please advise.

Which app platform are you using?

The export option isn’t yet supported across all platforms.

v5.3.46-W73 on Windows desktop app

It should work on the web and mobiles apps, we hope to support it in the desktop apps soon.