Reports Not Showing Converted Amounts

Hey guys,

I’m trying to generate a Profit/Loss report (or an Expense and Payment report separately) for the last calendar year. In v4, there used to be an option to display the converted currency amount based on the conversion rates I’d input into each payment/expense. There doesn’t appear to be away to do this in v5, but I’m hoping I’m missing something? This is crucial for my accounting.

Thank you in advance!

Edit: It seems that Converted Amount is available for the Payment report, but not for the Expense report. Is this correct? Is there any way I can get that information otherwise?


We’ll look into adding it for a future release.


Understood. Is there any way for me to export the converted values for expenses in the meantime? I need this information

You can try using the export expenses option on Settings > Import/Export

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