Reports customize columns not working

I am using self-hosted white label version 5.7.24. I have tried using both the Desktop App on macOS and multiple web browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Safari), with the same results on all platforms/browsers.

I am simply trying to export a client list, but I need to have specific columns in the report. Adding them and clicking ‘Save’ appears to work in that the app spins for a few seconds followed by a “…success” message, however, nothing is actually changed in the report at all. I’ve tried “reset” to defaults, which did remove a bunch of the columns that I must have added some time ago, but had no effect on adding new columns, or re-arranging columns.

I see other reports of this going all the way back to v4, with claims that “this will be fixed in the next release” on more than one occasion.

Is there a workaround?



I’m not sure, I’m aware of a problem with the contact report but not the client report.

I’ve tried both reports unsuccessfully.

I’m not trying with an API call, but I don’t have a lot of experience with APIs in general, and it looks like the JSON output is of the wrong company.

I have 2 companies and I need a client list from the 2nd company. The data I’m seeing if from the original company.

How can I specify which company in the API call?

Are you using the Flutter or React web app?

Each company has its own API token.