Reporting tab not working?

What am I doing wrong that the reporting page isn’t working? Do I need to reload something?
Here is a screencapture.


@david @ben can you please advise?

Did anyone have any ideas? My accountant has some time to review the reports this afternoon, but it won’t currently make any reports at all.
I did try logging out entirely and then logging back in, but unsurprisingly that didn’t actually do anything.


Could you try toggling on the Send Email option. This will send an email with the report.

If the report is too large, it may be timing out.

yeah, it will send an email, but that is coming through with the info all mixed up. Several of the clients have a single number under ‘paid to date’ which makes sense, but in that same column farther down there are all kinds of loose numbers not attached to any client.
This isn’t actually all that helpful for accounting purposes.
What I actually need is to be able to sort by year and category, for instance how much gst did I collect for 2022, versus how much gst did I pay on business supplies. This doesn’t seem to be something I can get it to email to me, or sort on the reporting dashboard. It’s not really doing anything?

Hi There,

Which reports are you running?

There should be a tax report which can aggregate the taxes paid between date ranges.

I am not able to actually get any reports properly? As you can see from my screenshot, I am missing the ‘Group’ and ‘Chart’ tabs entirely, and no report loads at all on the screen below the ‘Report’ tab.
When I tried exporting a tax report, it didn’t even include the date range I chose, as you can see from this screenshot attached.
I actually need to know why this isn’t working, please. It needs to work asap, I pay kind of a lot of money for this program, and missing most of the reporting options is really unhelpful and totally misses the point of accounting at all.
If there was too much data, as suggested in a comment above, then I should be able to solve the problem by choosing just the last month, or last quarter, or last week. Those tries didn’t change anything. Also, if I have too much data I have no idea how larger busier businesses are able to use this software, since this is literally a small ‘hobby’ type business and we’re really lucky if we have 4-6 sales per month. That literally cannot have a single thing to do with these issues.
I would appreciate some answers as to why I seem to be missing two out of three columns, and whenever I do export the info comes out missing key data and completely mixed up.
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