Report Total Sales Amount by Product


we have purchased your self-hosted version of Invoice Ninja. We are trying to extract a report that will assist us in finding out which products are the most popular in our product range. Is it possible to extract an report which is grouped by product code and has the sum of line totals for that specific product? We managed to successfully draw a report that is grouped by product code but only exposes the fields Quantity and Cost. How can we get the sum of all line items for a specific product code? Is that possible?

Thank you.


This is supported in v5 but not in v4

Thank you for the swift reply. Where can I find this in the V5 demo? I can’t seem to reproduce. Thanks

You’d want to use the invoice item report

Thanks Hillel, we are currently making use of the V4 Docker Container. What would you suggest is the route of least resistance to successfully upgrade.


The docs for the migration are available here: