Report export as XLS format? (v5 Hosted)

I’ve just done my first export of an invoice report since upgrading to v5. I can only see CSV as a file format for Excel. I’m convinced that v4 either used XLS or had a choice between XLS and CSV.

Is this something missing in v5 or is my memory faulty?

(Obviously I can pass a CSV through Excel to convert to XLS but it is seemingly an annoying step backwards.)

Update after looking more closely at the output vs previous:
I’ve noticed there seem to be some columns that existed before (v4) that aren’t visible now (v5). This is what I used to get out, with items in bold not being accessible as far as I can see from the available column customisations (and items in italic being things I got from v4 but don’t need):
Invoice Number
Invoice Date
Payment Date
Paid amount
Method of payment
Due Date
PO Number
Private Notes
VAT Number
Billing Address
Shipping Address

Are these no longer available or do they have weird names? Do I now need to compute them from other available fields, and if so where in the docs are the report fields defined?



Export to XLS isn’t yet supported in v5.

One invoice may have multiple payments so the fields aren’t shown in the invoice report, I believe they should be available if you use the payment report.