Replace "Total Invoice" With Total Task Hours?

I would love to change the “Total Invoiced” and “Paid to Date” on the client dashboard instead to “Total Task Hours” and “YOD Task hours”. Leaving “Open Balance” intact.

If this isn’t possible could we please put in a feature request and is it possible to make some edits to hide the “Total Invoiced” and “Paid to Date” from the dashboard?

I’d rather not remind clients how much I cost them but more how much work I’ve done for them. :slight_smile:

Would you want ‘Paid to Date’ changed on the invoice as well?

We could potentially add ‘Total Invoiced’ to /settings/invoice_design#invoice_labels

No because the invoice is just for billing purposes, it also doesn’t aggregate total overall amount. But the dashboard shows them how much they’ve paid over the life of being a client. That number can grow quite a bit and I’d rather them see how many hours total I’ve worked for them vs just how much I’ve cost them. If not possible to change easily I would be open to just removing those to from the client dashboard on the portal.

You may be able to hide the sections using custom CSS

Thanks, I’ll dig around a bit in the custom CSS and the dashboard.blade.php file. But Could we have a feature request put in for that though, as it seems time tracking is an important feature to all :wink:

Tasks will be added to the portal in the next release:

We’ll keep this in mind for the future…

In /resources/views/invited/dashboard.blade.php

use {{ substr(Utils::formatMoney($client->paid_to_date + $client->balance / $client->task_rate),2) }}

You will need to set a task rate for the client.

This will divide the total amount invoiced by the task rate to give total hours.

use {{ substr(Utils::formatMoney($client->paid_to_date / $client->task_rate),2) }}