Replace all instances of 'Quote' with 'Estimate'

Is there a way to remove the word Quote from all customer viewed documents and emails. I can see there are places where you can edit labels, but the word Quote is still appearing in some body emails.

I’m using

Have you tried defining custom email templates to change the body text?

Thanks, is there somewhere other than the control panel I can change templates? I know I can edit the body text in under Templates and Reminders but that doesn’t give me access to the bit I need to change.

Currently you’d need to self host the app and change the code.

We’ll look into supporting this in a future release.

Has there been any further update to this? If not, can you direct me to where in the code I could make the required changes (self-hosted) for the word “Quote” to be replaced with “Estimate” in the generated PDF?

Thank you!

You can define custom labels on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Labels

You are awesome. That is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
Is there a way to change the auto-generated file name prefix when saving the PDF?