Remove watermark on invoices (v5) [SOLVED]

I’m not using the self-hosted solution but the one directly from invoice ninja.

I moved to v5 because I neded a more robust API (integrating with ios shortcuts), especially for creating invoices.

However, on v5 all my invoices PDFs have a big invoiceninja watermark on them. I remember having that on v4 and finding a setting in the invoices “customization” to remove it, but I can’t seem to find it in v5. Where can I do that?


Do you have a paid plan, upgrading should remove the Invoice Ninja branding.

Note: you’ll need to resave old invoices for them to be updated.

@david maybe we can clear the PDF cache when a user upgrades?

Hey, I do I’m on the pro plan :slight_smile: After more investigating, it seems that since I had no company logo, it displayed the Invoice Ninja logo by default. I solved that by uploading a blank pixel as my logo haha.

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Thanks for the update, glad to hear it’s solved!

@david @ben we should correct this so no logo is shown once paid