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I would like to (need to) remove the

Questions? We’re here to help!

section of the footer (see image in red box)

I am fine with the black Invoice Ninja Copyright notice in the footer, but the big section above that with links to IN’s social media is problematic because clients click that thinking it is MY social media or MY help forums.

This is very bad in to have the first email clients receive, because it confuses them.

The don’t realise those buttons are for Invoice Ninja until it’s too late!

I am not trying to white label, but I need to remove this footer from the welcome email!

Thank you


Is this the client email or the user email?

Not sure, email subject is:

Account Confirmation

This might seem like an odd question, but do clients need a user account?


That’a a user email. How are you using the app, please make sure you’re following the license:

The white label license only removes the branding from client facing parts of the app. Removing the branding for users requires a reseller license.

I don’t want to remove the “invoice ninja” branding.

I want to remove the unlabelled buttons to the Forums, Slack, Email and Support Docs which clients don’t need to see because they get confused.

That section (in RED above) is not “branding”, it doesn’t say invoice ninja, therefore it is not:

licensing, copyright, or other notices of the licensor in the software

I have the right to remove this section under the terms stated above, as it is not a logo or copyright notice etc.

I am asking how to remove the section in RED, it as it is irrelevant for users and more importantly clients…

@david can you please advise?

@hillel please close topic, thank you