Remove or Change Invoice Footer Created by Invoice Ninja ( self hosted )

Dear members / InvoiceNinja

Does anyone now how to remove or change the Created by Invoice Ninja logo and text in the footer of the invoices?

I have tried to change footer settings via the Customizer but seams can`t get it changed or removed.

Purchasing a white label license will remove the logo.

Thanx found it

The footer can NOT be removed, please read our license.

Strange answer Hillel Coren

Buying the Whitelabel per year is the solution.
So it can :slight_smile:

Or not?

Sorry, I misread.

I thought you were referring to the footer on the website not the invoice PDF.

No problem Hillel Coren

We are going to buy the Whitelabel later today.
Thanx for your answers

Does this still apply with the new license? Referring to the invoice PDF.
Can’t find a relevant clause.

(We’re gonna buy a license, just curious)

It’s still the same…