Remove logo from pdf

is it possible to remove IN logo from pdf generated SH v5. I am not talking about clients portal.
There are 2 logo, top logo is possible, buttom no.


You can purchase a white label license on Settings > Account Management to remove the logo.

I read that, but it says for client side, I wasnt sure if we can remove from PDF if generated locally.
I generate pdf for my accouting, I take it as its not possible to remove from PDF generated as well.

By “client side” we mean all parts of the app which the client can see, this includes the generated PDF.

Undertood @hillel thanks for prompt response.
You can delete this topic now. Will purchase pro soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad to hear it!

We don’t delete topics, the info could be useful to other people.

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How much is that white label license for the self hosted version?

The price is $30 per year

No lifetime deal? Only a yearly Deal?

I guess this point let me switch to another Invoice tool. For 30 $ per year there are other SaaS solutions that have more interesting features. And with a SaaS solution I don’t have to Deal with hosting and hosting costs.

For the self hosted solution a lifetime deal would fit better. But this is only my opinion.