Remove IN logo from contact photo on email inbox

Hi, I just started with Invoice Ninja and it looks great so I have signed up for the Pro version.

The only thing I have not been able to configure properly is the way it looks when a client receive a payment request. When the email is open, IN’s logo and contact details are shown on the senders info so I would like to replace it for our own or at least prevent your logo from appearing.



To prevent being marked as spam the email is sent from with the user’s info as the name and reply to.

To send using from your own account you can copy/past the ‘View as recipient’ link from the edit invoice page. Self hosting the app enables using your own SMTP credentials.

I see, Is there any way of just not showing the logo? I don’t mind having as a sender but your logo looks a bit unsettling in a payment email (your software is great though).


We’ll look into it…

OK, thank you Hillel :slight_smile:

We’ve made a change to remove the logo, please let us know if it helps.

We’re also having this issue using the domain. Is there a setting somewhere we need to use to prevent the Invoice Ninja logo from displaying in the contact details for

There is no setting for this, in the next version (towards the end of the year) we plan to support sending from your own Gmail address

I see - thanks for the quick reply. Any plans to support Microsoft O365?

No immediate plans

Hello @hillel
Is there any update concerning removing the logo from email sent from

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


This will be supported in the next version of the app towards the end of the year, you’ll be able to send from your own Gmail account.

Perfect thank you :slight_smile: