Remove Details from Invoice

there is the feature to convert tasks into invoice items. I use this for pretty much everything.

But when the task is converted it adds all the details to the description of the item. When I work on a task I typically start the timer, but I am constantly starting and stopping the timer all day. A task can conceivably have 15-30 details in it.

I know this has been this way since you originally added this feature. I had a client that was a real jerk about my time and insisted on “more details”. so this was perfect. In fact I purposely, stopped and started the timer constantly to force the details to be obnoxiously long. (childish passive aggression)

But now, we have gotten rid of that client and have new clients that do not need or want that level of detail. (Reasonable people thank god!)

Is there a way to make it so the details are not added to the description of the invoice?
Ideally this could be set per client.


Not currently, you’d need to manually adjust the invoice details.

I also have this problem, I would like to either:

  1. Not have “### times” added when a task is invoiced and the line item is added.


  1. Hide all those “### times” lines from the invoice template but leave everything else about that item line intact.

Is one of the above possible, and if so how? I am self hosted btw.


We’ll look into making this an option in the settings.

A quick word to say your task feature is awesome !
With timer directly on computer, it will save so much time to invoice every little tasks.
Thank you for that, great job !!

Thanks, that’s great to hear! Don’t feel obligated, but… if you have the time it’s extremely helpful to our project if you’re able to leave a review for us on Capterra.

We’re currently ranked 5th in our category out of nearly 300, we’d very much like to get the number one spot :slight_smile:✓&users=&sort_options=Highest+Rated

Done :slight_smile:

Amazing, thank you!

Just wanted to add that I have this need as well, and it would seem very common for anyone working as a freelancer. When I bill a client “12 hours” it doesn’t literally mean I was at my desk for precisely 720 minutes - and the client certainly doesn’t need to know whether those minutes were at 9am or midnight the night before a hard deadline. I’m always going to adjust the hours to reflect the actual value I think I delivered, plus account for time that wasn’t actually coding or whatever (meetings, research, etc).

It’s helpful to be able to see what the actual timesheeted time was, and connect it to an invoice, but I want to enter the actual number of invoiced hours manually, and never include the timesheeted times.

So, yes: please have an easy way to simply not include the timesheeted times.

Also submitted a (very favorable) review on Capterra, and also giving a big thumbs-up for this feature request!!

@Stevex, we plan to include these changes in v2.

@ManzanaMar, thank you very much!! Reviews on Capetrra are extremely helpful to us.

I personally look forward to this feature. I would like to also add to the Tasks section to remember the Status tags chosen like the Backlog and Logged. Every time I log out those status tags are removed.

What I am really looking for is a way to only show the current tasks that are not billed.

Thanks, great product

Hey @hillel, was this featured added, I can’t seem to track it down? Or is it coming in what is now called V5? I’m on Hosted, so don’t have V5 yet. Hopefully it will be available soon. :wink:

Yes, this has been added in v5. You can see the options in the settings on Settings > Tasks in the demo:

We hope to make v5 available to hosted users in a few weeks.

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