Reminder invoices contain a broken 1kb attached invoice

Hi there,

running IN on Docker v. v4.5.4 and today the system sent out two invoice reminders which contained the invoice but they were both 1kb and can’t be opened.

Any idea what could be wrong here? What other info can I supply?

This is a new IN setup so no reminder were sent out yet. Sending normal invoices, manually works. No invoice went out automatically yet so I can’t comment on that.

Not sure if its relevant by I am using my own PHANTOMJS_CLOUD_KEY (free tier) but there are about 4 invoices going out every months only…

I found this: but before I go through all that, maybe its not a Phantom JS issue but something else?

Can you reproduce the problem?

Yes. I already saw the same issue, when I first set up this docker install but I ignored it as I wasn’t quite finished configuring the system and thought it was my fault. I can of course setup myself as a fictive client send myself an invoice and set the reminders to 1 day but I’m not sure if I can set reminder intervals per client. If not possible, I’d like to avoid sending more clients a broken PDF as I did this morning to 2 clients.

If you don’t have too many clients you can disable reminders per client to test.

I’d suggest checking storage/logs/laravel-error.log for details about the error.

To be honest, I don’t have the time to try that right now. Can I disable sending the invoice as attachment with reminder emails? A plain reminder: dude, pay up would be enough, no attachment needed.

I looked at the templates and there is only text, I don’t see where to disable the attachment on reminder emails.

Looks like:

Dear $contact,

To view your invoice for $amount for $client, click the link below.



The attachment is configured for all invoices on Settings > Email Settings

Yeah, I noticed there is only 1 setting for all emails. I guess I’ll have to go test. OR maybe stop sending out reminder emails.

Having separate settings for invoices and invoice reminders would be great, is this something I can suggest as a feature request?

Sure, feel free to create a request on our GitHub repo.