Reminder Copy to Company Mail


I would highly recommend enabling extended logging so that you can see all of the cron jobs and their logs… this will tell you exactly what is happening.

To enable, in your .env file:


You’ll then see detailed output in storage/logs/invoiceninja.log

okay it`s enabled… i come back with detailed informations

Hi @david after 6 days there is no extented logging in /storage/logs and reminders are still not being sent


What is your cron configuration?

can you confirm it is * * * * *

Also, can you advise if there is a file in storage/logs/ folder called invoiceninja.log

This would be the location for the expanded logging,

Also, and this may be important, it looks like in my instructions i have given you the incorrect .env var


should really be


okay you`re right there was a typo, it`s changed and now i wait a few days… :smiley:

Hi @david,

enclosed attached my invoiceninja.log as txt file


invoiceninja.txt (99.8 KB)

@sven.j @meisterkeks

I believe you are seeing the same issue here with this.

@sven.j could you please provide the reminder schedules you have configured, i’ll create a test environment to try and understand what is happening here so we can resolve this.

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yes i can, but today i found the client specific setting there is all set to default it could be possible this is blocking the global configuration, i`ll try to setup my testaccount and wait for another 2 days

here my Client Specific Config for reminders

here my global config for reminders

my E-Mail Settings

and my cron runs every 5 minutes

Let me know if you need more

hi, could it be that the PHP Version missmatch is the reason?

PHP Version from SSH Terminal

PHP Version (CLI) from InvoiceNinja Systemcheck

That could very likely explain the problem.

@david can you please check that the health check is sending the correct value for is_okay in this case.


I’ve had a look into this, we rely on exec() to harvest the cli version. The result does not parse to a value that can be compared reliably so I’d prefer not to alter the logic here as it will most likely break on different server setups.

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Ok, thanks for checking

okay but how can i get my reminder Mails turn back to work :smiley:

Have you been able to change the CLI PHP version to v8?

yes but just in the command line invoiceninja System Check show an older version

Command Line php -v

InvoiceNinja System Check

@david any ideas why the PHP version is different?

Note: we’ve recently fixed a reminder issue, it may explain your problem.

okay if ckeck the version via ssh with php it shows me the version 8.1.xx but if i check the Version with php script in the browser with exec it shows me the version 7.2.xx…

I think i open a ticket at me provider and ask him why?

okay i wait for Version 5.6.23 i `ve currently running 5.6.22


We just scrape whatever the CLI outputs for php -V

On shared hosting, it is always hit and miss, and i’m unsure of the accuracy of it in some scenarios.

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yes i`ve tryed the same with php exec for php-v and the Version is 7.2.34 i wait for the naxt Version and hope it fixed this issue and i have opend a ticket at my provider for another solution to bring the PHP Version of the same level