Remember its size and position

Is there any plans to build in something so that the desktop app remembers its size on restart. Everytime I start the app I have to resize it.

Also making use of the ‘Tab’ key. When using any application I always use tab to hop from form item to form item etc and more importantly when selecting an item from the dropdown. Instead of selecting the dropdown I would tab to the dropdown and for example in the ‘Tasks’ option after I enter the ‘Rate’ I would hit tab and hop to ‘Status’ and press the ‘D’ key for ‘Done’ and then ‘Tab’ again. Its a reflex action and it’s a pretty normal facility, it’s a pity you don’t have it setup. The same for selecting a client, type in the tame and when it pops up press ‘Tab’ to select.


We hope it to support it in the future, we’re dependent on the framework we’re using.

You can use the enter key to select a record.