Reimporting clients create dupes, even with same email (unique id?)

From my understanding, importing clients with the same email would simply update the information since email works as the unique id.

However, importing just simply dupes them. I went from 800 customers to 1600. If I browse, I can see the same customers duped, both email columns filled with the same email.

Just to sanity check, reimporting a second time with the same emails should just update, not dupe, correct?

customers-foobar.csv (550 Bytes)

I took a sample of the 1st 3 rows and foobar’d them

The imports were normalized from PayPal to support InvioceNinja.

We match client imports on the only.

When importing invoices, we match on the or otherwise we create a new client record.

I could’ve sworn I read from support emails that is the unique identifier, as it wouldn’t make much sense that a name like “David” would be considered unique. What if I have 2 Davids with different emails?

When importing invoices, we match on the or otherwise we create a new client record.

When importing invoices, I didn’t experience dupes here – however, I did experience destruction to all client fields except email (which is why I even attempted to reimport clients):

In that same thread, I believe you mentioned that there shouldn’t be destruction when importing. I created a bug report:

Are you confusing a new client being created as a destructive action? The existing client will still be present.

No, there’s no mistake –

  1. I upload clients with name - email - all address fields - contact phone - client phone. I verify everything’s showing fine. Same # of clients.
  2. I upload payments with most fields. I verify clients still show fine. Same # of clients.
  3. I upload invoices with most fields. If I verify clients will show fine, I the same # of clients, but: all client fields are now wiped except for email (which now dupes to name, replacing the actual name) and a new VTD field.

When I uploaded invoices, it destructively wiped all my existing client fields except email, then duped email to many other fields including name. Then added a new VTD field (the only expected change).

This time, uploading clients → payments destructively wiped first and last name, keeping others.

  • I tried to reimport email - first - last name and it made a dupe
  • I tried to reimport name - first - last name and it made a dupe

Neither of these seem to be considered as a unique id when reimporting customers to fill or update missing info, @david

Just to confirm, are you uploading both the client and payment csvs in one import?

I’m also not sure why you are separating the mappings for invoices/payments when these can be combined in the same import?

Separate imports, although some have crossover data (but the unique ids aren’t being detected, so dupes are created).

I tried selecting 2 csvs before clicking import, but that never works: Upload will say success, but no data will actually fill. I’ll get “Unknown Error” on the email result. I’ve never had any success with that one.

I stopped importing invoices, only clients → payments. I can’t do just payments because there’s not enough client info.