I’m still pretty confused by the Refund process.
Is the refund action in Invoice Ninja only meant to be used to Label the payment? Not actually initiate the refund?
I’ve tried to change the status of a payment from Completed to Refund, but it doesn’t change.
I’ve been in touch with WePay to get a payment refunded, but they’ve been terribly slow with this.
Specifically, this payment was made from a Bank account transfer, which WePay said would take longer than normal, but trying to get them to stay in touch with me on this has been painful.

A little more insight on how all of this works would be appreciated. Also, adding this info to User Guide would be helpful.
I’m Using a hosted plan.

Still love everything else!
Thanks again,

Refunding the payment in Invoice Ninja should process the refund in WePay, however if the payment hadn’t yet been settled it’s possible the refund wasn’t processed. Are you able to check the status of the payment in the WePay portal.