Referral Link - Additional Information Requested..


So I checked up on the how I can do my part to support this project, and it looks like we can work together by referring new clients by using the “Referral Link”. From what I can tell is that you only offer the Referral Link from our free account which resides on your servers, but we are unable to access any such link from our Self Hosted Installation, is this correct?

Rather then just giving out this Referral Link, is there a Script that can be placed on our Web Servers which would provide a small banner or something? Do you have any banners we can use to help us promote the application? I am writing an Article on my infant Blog, and would like to ad a banner ad to Ninja through my referral link.

Is there anyway that I can add my Referral Link to my Ninja Client Portal? Since my clients are Business Owners, I would love to take advantage of my Client Portal to offer Invoice Ninja to my Clients and while I do offer it to them AdHoc, it would be great if they could sign up directly through the Client Portal.

Cheers! John

Yes, that is correct. You need to have a hosted account so we can track it.

One option may be to define a custom portal message on Settings > Client Portal, if you’re self hosting you can also manually change the code.