Reference for Database Fields in Proposal Template Creation

Hello All,

First off, before posting, I scoured these forums, Google Search, and anywhere else I can look for answers, but I have not had any luck finding a solution. For our small (yet very complex) company, we are trying to implement the Proposals module to manage our “Purchase Agreements” which need to be issued with our quotes to handle the particulars which arise in historic restoration. The problem I am running into is that I cannot find a reference guide listing the database fields names (and their syntax) for proper implementation inside a Proposal template. For example, I have stumble across these fields so far, but there are many more I need access to:

From: $ $account.address1 $, $account.state $account.postal_code

$, $client.state $client.postal_code

HRD hereby proposes to design, manufacture and furnish the following items for purchase by $

This might be a very rookie question, but I would appreciate any help. Other things I will need access to is the global tax field, quote line items, line item dollar amounts, primary contact names, etc… I can figure things out myself, once I know which direction I need to go. Any reference material would be help full. Thanks!


You could try running this query:

SELECT table_name,column_name FROM information_schema.columns
WHERE table_schema = '<Your_DB_Name>'
ORDER BY table_name,ordinal_position;

That should list all the columns in the DB, ordered by what table they appear in. As to them being actually addressable as a variable in a proposal, I couldn’t say. Also, it outputs about 1,019 lines, so might be best to run it in something like MySQL Workbench so it’s a bit easier to read and save.

If you click help on the create proposal template page you should see a list of all the fields.

@Hillel Coren

Wow, do I feel embarrassed. The Help button has exactly what I am looking for. You do not want to the know the crazy things I did to try and find those field names. I guess I have been tainted by years in the IT business to think most “Help Buttons” are worthless. Thank you. This solves the thread for me.

Edit: One thing I noticed is that $contact.firstName $contact.lastName $ don’t seem to be working (I have values in each field on the client page). Also is there a way for me to display the line items of a quote in a proposal (Description field, amount, quantity, total, etc.)?

Not sure about the contact variables, I’ll look into it with our next release.

Sorry, item details aren’t supported.