Recurring Tasks

Is it possible to add a recurring task, say weekly or monthly…?

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Could we perhaps add this into Trello and see if others might be interested…?

This is the first time I’ve heard this request but you can create an issue on GitHub if you’d like:

I actually like this idea a lot. Plus one for me also.

Depends on everyone use case but there are maintenance based tasks that would really benefit from this. It’s a great idea IMO.

By the way I’m in love with the tasks function. The ability to have a timer, to start it and be able to come back to it later and have it continue running is a godsend. Then the quick invoicing or just logging makes it a big slam dunk.

I actually use this heavily to provide visibility to my clients.

The functionality to view tasks completed isn’t available to the user AFAIK but what I have done is written some code so that when the user logs in to the main website they can click a menu item that shows tasks completed. This comes directly from the Invoice Ninja tasks table in the database.

Those that use it love it.

What a great idea! I love it! If you ever feel comfortable sharing it please let me know.