Recurring Strip by Client or Invoice?

I just had a strange thing happen.

When I migrated to Invoice Ninja (self-hosted) about a month ago I manually entered all my recurring client invoices. I have a few that recur monthly but a bunch of them that recur annually.

I set the recurring date on the annual ones in the future where they should be throughout the year.

The monthly invoices have gone out and clients have paid using stripe so they are now recurring.

However, the first annual recurring invoice went out overnight and it was automatically paid against the client’s card. Yet the client had never paid for that invoice before.

My question is - is the recurring token that is used by Invoice Ninja associated with the CLIENT or the INVOICE?

If it is the Client, then I think that you really need to re-think that because I could see a HUGE potential legal issue for us (and others).

If I enter a new recurring invoice for a client they should be presented with the option to pay for it the first time - NOT just automatically billed when it is generated.

In addition, I have clients who pay for some things with one card and other things with a different card. If IN is just storing one ‘token’ for all of a client’s transactions then this won’t allow us to offer that service (which is critical for ours and probably other users business model).

Can you explain a bit more how the recurring payment token works?

The token is stored for the client. You can configure how it’s presented to your client by editing the Stripe gateway in Settings > Online Payments.

Once a token is stored when your client pays they can choose to either user the card on file or enter a different card’s details.


PERFECT. Thanks for pointing that out.
Somehow I missed that option when originally setting things up.

Great to hear, thanks!

Just one follow-up question on how that works … (the ‘token billing’ option).

Do they have to ‘opt-in’ for each invoice or is that a ‘one-time’ opt in option?