Recurring Paypal?

Is there any possibility that a recurring paypal option might be in the future for IN?

I have both PayPal and Stripe enabled (to allow different users to pay with their choice of payment means); however, for recurring invoices, if they choose PayPal, they aren’t being regularly charged via PayPal yet they expect that they will be. And some of my clients don’t watch their paypal accounts or pay attention to the invoice reminders (they ignore them because they expect that they are being automatically charged).

If PayPal recurring is not an option, would it be possible to have some sort of notice appear when they select PayPal during the payment process - so they know that it will be a manual invoice each time?

I don’t think it’s possible. We’re able to auto-bill with Stripe by getting a token of the card, I don’t think PayPal supports it.

If you’re self hosting I can point you to where you can add the message yourself.

Yes, self-hosting.

Could you let me know where to make that change?

The client invoice view page: resources/views/invoices/view.blade.php

As well as optionally the payment page: resources/views/payments/payment.blade.php

Note: you’ll have to reapply the changes the next time you update.

Is there any document relating specifically to custom modifications like this?
If not, is there any WIKI or something where we can contribute these sorts of things?

I’ve put together a few pieces of ‘documentation’ related specifically to updating with new versions and modifying views. I’d love to share that with others that are self-hosting to help others avoid the learning-curve that I went through.

Currently the best place to share is this forum. It’s indexed by Google, even I sometimes find solutions on the forum from searches.

We’re also open to suggestions to improve our self host page.

I had to do some trial and error but I updated resources/lang/en/texts.php

I changed:

‘payment_type_paypal’ => ‘PayPal’,


‘payment_type_paypal’ => ‘PayPal - One Time Payment Only’,

You will need too re-apply this change if you upgrade Invoice Ninja later.