Recurring payments and process date

What date does the recurring payment process? It doesn’t appear to be consistent with my invoices. Some seem to process on the date the invoice is issued vs. the due date. And then others seem to process on the same date where they set up payment on the first invoice. Is this an option that can be modified by the client? I would really prefer payments to be taken on the due date vs. invoice issue date. I could obviously force both to be the same but would prefer not to.

All invoices should be auto-billed the same, there is an option in the settings on Settings > Online Payments.

I just checked that setting and it is set to auto-bill on due date. It is actually auto-billing some on the invoice date and some on the day they processed the prior payment. Anything I can do?

I’m not sure, it’s the first time this problem has been reported.

Is there anyone I can reach out to uncover the issue? I am thinking my only option is to force the invoice date and due date to be the same.

Is it possible the client manually paid the invoice? If there was a problem with the app I’d expect more people to report it.

I will see if I can find out. There were payments all over the place as far as dates, so just not sure.