Recurring invoices wont be sent automatically

Hello, I have a self hosted invoice ninja platform and yesterday I created 4 recurring invoices for today date. I wait all the day and they still aren’t sent automatically to my clients. Did I miss something? I think they should be sent on the start date of the invoices.

Have you enabled the crons?

Should I do that manually? Isn’t that done automatically while I activate recurring invoice?

The crons needs to be manually configured when you setup the app

/usr/local/bin/php /path/to/ninja/artisan ninja:send-invoices

Should i replace /path/to/ninja/ with my real path to ninja installation folder on web server?

Yes, that is correct

Sorry what does ninja/artisan mean ? This does not exist. I am self hosted are we directing this to the “ninja” folder? public folder? app folder ?

You need to replace the path with your path to the codebase.

artisan is a Laravel command, the folder won’t exist.

Thanks - did some research. Found it down the bottom.

Hi - is there an updated link? This one returns an error.

Found it. Configure — Invoice Ninja 4.5.37 documentation (