recurring invoices with payment date before end of period (prepaid)

Self hosted.
invoice frequency is 3 month
payment should be paid 1 month before the end of the period

for example
period: jan to march
payment request should be emailed on first Feb (then every week ideally)

is there a way to do it currently ( tried to use negative payment terms but it didn’t work)

thank you for a great product

Can you create a recurring invoice sent every 3 months with the start date of Feb 1st and the payment terms set to 60 days?

Note: you can use :QUARTER in the invoice to show the service period.

thank you for the lightening fast answer

I am sorry, i did not give you the full picture

here is the correct problem
period: jan to march
payment request should be emailed
on first DECEMBER ( and not February !! (then every week ideally until end of month)
it means i send the invoice BEFORE the period ends

sorry for the confusion,


In that case maybe create a recurring invoice which starts on December 1st and use :MONTH+1 to :MONTH+4 in the invoice description to specify the period.

we did now for an invoice from to be sent on august 1st for the period sept to nov we used

on fist nov it will send invoice for dec to feb.

will the description be accurate with what we used? ( showing dec, jan, feb)

#2: if we use :YEAR how will it be in that invoice? :MONTH+4, :MONTH+5, :MONTH+6 :YEAR

thank you

#1 Yes, I believe so.

#2 I don’t think you can use :YEAR with :MONTH+/-, it may show the wrong value.

thanks will update you when confirmed.
you may close the ticket
thank you for the efficiency

We went from 3.4.1 to 4.01

in the descriptions, prior to update we used:
Period: :MONTH+1, :MONTH+2 :MONTH+3 :YEAR

was working fine
now it sends the invoice whit the variable names instead of the month,
any idea how to solve it? which info would you need?

thank you

The dates aren’t set in the preview but in my tests they are set in the generated invoice.

all good, tested

thanks we can close:)

Great, thanks for letting us know!

We plan to fix the preview in an upcoming release.