Recurring invoices - WHMCS Integration

Hi all,

We’re currently trying to use WHMCS to manage our services and recurring products but have run into an issue with the billing.

In WHMCS, you can’t separate the monthly invoice - e.g. Customer has purchased the below, and we want three separate invoices. At this stage they can only generate one total invoice with all three services included.

  • 1st of month, 1 x invoice for Managed Services
  • 1st of month, 1 x invoice for Internet
  • 1st of month, 1 x invoice for Antivirus

If we integrate WHMCS & InvoiceNinja, is it possible for Invoice Ninja to separate the imported data and create recurring billing for all different products?

Thanks in advance.


I think that should be possible, you could use the API or Zapier/Integromat to create recurring invoices as defined.