Recurring invoices v5

I setup a bunch of recurring invoices and a couple have obviously sent because payments have hit my bank account BUT I can’t find a way to mark the invoice as paid???

The status for the recurring invoices that have been sent is ‘pending’ but there’s no option to change that or enter a payment?


A recurring invoice creates standard invoices, the standard invoice can be marked as paid whereas the recurring invoice itself can not.

Thank you :slight_smile: I had hoped that was the case but no invoice has been generated in ‘invoices’, do I have to manually copy the recurring invoice to a standard invoice?

This may be a bug, we’re looking into it.

Hi there, any luck with this yet? I’m having payments come in but can’t keep track of them anywhere.

I actually thought the recurring invoices were sending which is why I was getting payments, but I’ve since worked out the recurring emails are actually sending from v4 (I hadn’t archived my recurring invoices yet). SO this means my recurring invoices aren’t sending from v5 either.

I’m using both versions to try and manage them which is obviously not ideal.

it sounds like your need to deactivate v4 and reactive v5

Thanks David, I’ve done that now. Will that make v5 send my recurring invoices now though?

I also wonder what the status for recurring invoices means - I have some listed as pending, some as complete and some as active. Shouldn’t they all be active? This is how they came across from v4.

As long as your V5 isn’t deactivated then it will send the recurring invoices.

Pending status indicates the recurring invoice will fire in the future, once it fires for the first time it will change to an active state.

Ensure your system has its crons configured as the system needs this to schedule the firing.