Recurring invoices not sent

Hi there,

I see there is a similar thread but I don’t think I should pin to it, because my problem is slightly different.
Anyway, I have problem with sending of recurring invoices. Invoices are generating and saving as drafts, but send is not happening.

I’m sure of a few things:

  1. I can send emails with invoices manually, it works everytime manually. By recurring invoice, it is not working.
  2. No errors in laravel.log.
  3. I have the newest version of Invoice Ninja.
  4. Recurring invoice changed Last Sent Date and Next Send Date.
  5. Every recurring invoice has settings for endless cycle and sending every month, no auto payment.
  6. No logs in these generated drafts, seems like invoices were never sent.

I read similar threads and sadly didn’t find any clue for solving this problem. What do you think?


Can you check auto email is enabled on Settings > Workflow Settings

Oh my… Thank you! Such simple mistake on my side… Shame on me.

No worries, happy to help!