Recurring invoices not following "Start Date"

Running White labeled Self-Hosted v4.5.17 and have an issue with dates on a recurring invoice.

A new recurring invoice was created today (3/4/2020) for a past starting date of Jan 26,2020, but the “Send Next: Mar 4, 2021” & “Due Next: Apr 3, 2021” dates are tied to today’s date (3/4/2020).
See screenshot here:

1 - Why is the Start Date not respected?
2 - Should the dates not have both been Jan 26 2021?
3 - Is there a way to change the “Send Next” & “Due Next” dates to match the “Start date” automatically, and for this invoice manually so it does not have to be re-created?

Thank you!

1 - The app won’t back date invoices, the start date is only respected if it’s set to a date in the future
2 - The invoice date is always set to the date the invoice is created
3 - You can change the start date to the next date the invoice should be sent to update the schedule

Thank you!