Recurring Invoices Not Being Produced

I have a client with the following recurring invoice which for some reason did not produce this morning:

I also checked and I have the following cron jobs set:

Then I opened the recurring invoice and saw this:

So all appears to be setup but the invoices are not running.

Any suggestions…?

Maybe it’s a timezone issue, you may want to run the cron later in the day.

Thanks Hillel

I thought of that and cjhecked, the timezone is set correctly on the server, it’s UK time.

I think the app expects the server to be using UTC

OK, well as this is shared hosting space I don’t know how I might achieve this. Any suggestions…?

Running the cron later in the day may help.

Thanks Hillel

I’ve tried that and also added an email address to send a report and it’s not even doing that to say nothing happened.

OK, seems I fixed it.

Solution was here: