Recurring invoices marked as "sent" instead of "draft"


since one of the last updates, scheduled invoices are marked as “sent” despite the setting in workflow beeing switched off.

I want them generated but not sent, as we want to double check them…

this leads to chaos, because we have to check the mailserver for each and every one generate4d on May 1st…

can someone reproduce this behaviour?


micha, the sad robot…


@david any thoughts?

update: they have the flag “sent” in the web interface - but when i go to “send invoice” they are clearly not sent - i get offered the initial email by default… so its just a blue banner instead of the black “draft” one - annoying anyways…

have a nice day all

@david it sounds like the status_id may have changed but the last_sent_date may not have been set.

@hillel I see the invoices are being created with draft status. I don’t see why the last_sent _date should change on these as they are only being created, not sent?

I’m unable to recreate this particular issue my test recurring invoices are generating draft invoices correctly.

Sorry I miswrote, I think the question here is more accurately why the status_id was changed not why the last_sent_date wasn’t set.

hi guys…any news on this? with the Monthly rollover tonight i have a lot of recurring invoices again which are marked as sent and not as draft - would be really nice to get a fix in some way before June 30 - beacaus that would mean a big pile of bi-yearly invoices…

sorry to pull this up again… the problem still exists. recurring invoices are marked as “sent” instead of “draft” - any suggestions? Please…

@david do you have any thoughts?


Not sure on this one, I’m unable to recreate the issue on my side from my testing.

I’ve also checked the code paths and haven’t been able to see any edge case which could trigger this.