Recurring invoices, first email goes out fine, rest aren't sent

If I have 20 recurring invoices due to be generated and sent on the first, all are generated and sent to Stripe if a credit card, however only one gets emailed.

The activity tab shows: “System emailed invoice R2624 to Manchester UMC”, yet nothing was sent. When I click “Send Email”, the invoice is mailed.

I have been having this trouble since converting to v5 a few months ago. It is driving our clients (and us) nuts.

Any ideas? I don’t see anything in the logs, but I may not be looking in the correct logs.


@david do you have any suggestions?


Is there a difference between invoices that are succesfully processed through Stripe and those that are not?

Do you email your client a payment receipt on successful payment?

Stripe vs Net 15 doesn’t seem relevant, we get one email actually sent vs the Activity Tab report. We email the client a payment receipt on successful payment.