Recurring Invoices - Dynamic dates

I’ve just set up my first recurring invoice and notice that while you can set the invoice frequency to Weekly, Two Weeks, Four Weeks, Monthly, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Six Months, Annually, or Two Years, you only have :MONTH, :QUARTER and :YEAR for dynamic dates. Given the frequencies in bold, you really should be able to also use :WEEK. It doesn’t make much sense to bill something weekly when you can’t say “…covering the period :WEEK to :WEEK+1.”

Programatically, the start day of the week is already configured in Settings so it should be trivial to assume :WEEK to be the start of the week, say 3rd August and :WEEK+1 to be 9th August (:WEEK + 7 days - 1 day).

Simmilarly, there should also be support for:

:WEEK_NO - the calendar week number
:DATE - the current date (where :DATE + n is the current date + n days)

Have I missed something in the documentation?


You haven’t missed anything, it isn’t supported

Thanks for the reply Hillel. Is there a reason that it’s not supported? Will it be supported in v5? As mentioned, it seems to be rather an oversight given that you can create weekly recurring invoices.

To resolve, I’ve hacked resources/assets/js/script.js to provide the missing functionality. I would be happy to create a pull request if there is any demand for it - once I’m happy that it’s a robust solution that is.

It will likely be supported in v5, we plan to improve the recurring date variables

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