Recurring Invoices design broken

I migrated my setup (Docker) from 4.5 to 5.5 and created a (one!) new design for everything with an image as a footer. The invoice PDFs look fine, but the recurring invoice PDFs are without my footer image.
This affects old imported recurring invoices as well as new invoices. I have placed the footer image at the end of <div class="repeating-footer" id="footer"> as base64 data image.

Any hints or tipps?


@david any thoughts?

This is something I have noticed recently. base64 images from v4 are not resolving at all on v5.

But base64 images are working, but not inside recurring invoices :-/
Is it better to host the image on a webserver an load it? if so, will the image be permanently embedded in the PDF or reloaded online?