Recurring invoices are not sent

I have version v4.5.48 installed on my server, but as of the 2nd week of Jan 2022 the recurring invoices are not being sent.
The recurring invoices worked fine until about January 4, 2022.
If I send them manually they do send.
Last Thursday I did a test with a recurring invoice but it was not sent :frowning:
What could this be due to?
Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Which version do you see when running php -v from the command line?

The latest v4 requires PHP 7.4, all previous PHP 7.x versions are no longer supported.

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Thank you very much hillel
I had version 7.3. I have already upgraded to 7.4. I put 8.0 but I got error 500.
So I left it at 7.4
I made a test invoice for tomorrow and will see if it sends it without problems.
Or is there another way to test right now if it sends already?
Thank you very much for your valuable help.
Best regards.

If you were using PHP 7.3 then it’s most likely the reason.

You could create a test recurring invoice and then manually run the send-invoices command from the command line.

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Thank you very much again.
I will keep you posted, best regards.

on January 29 I scheduled a recurring receipt to be sent on January 30, but it was not sent.
I have PHP 7.4 (ea-php74)
How do I know what the error is due to?
Thank you very much for your help.

Do you see any errors if you try running the cron from the command line?

Thank you, one question:
With which command line could I run the cron?
Thanks again.

php artisan ninja:send-invoices

I just needed to change the php version from the command line.
Thank you very much for your help, best regards.