Recurring invoice which uses dynamic variables from Client or Contact

I have a little bit of a special case here and would like to know whether it’s possible or not with Invoiceninja.

So the company (something like a gym class) sends quarterly invoices to the clients. However the invoices are each quarter adjusted to the real number of available lessons in the next quarter (depending on holidays this can vary).

The problem here: The recurring invoices have the same amount of lessons and the same price for each quarter. Manually adjusting each invoice would remove the time-gaining benefits.

The idea: My idea was to define a custom field of the company and use this with the number of available lessons in the next quarter. Prior to each “recurring invoice date”, the number is updated by the company owner and then the invoices would be generated.

The question, actually two:

  1. Can Invoiceninja be told to automatically create a recurring invoice for each client (or for clients matching a certain description or field)?
  2. Can Invoiceninja generate invoices using the company custom variable, ex:
    $company.custom_value1 x value = Total
    5 (lessons) x USD 40.00 = USD 200.00

appreciate any input, thanks in advance!

Sorry, #1 is supported but #2 is not

Is there a documentation or a guide how to make such invoices per client (question 1)?

Bummer concerning question 2. Any other ideas how to achieve something in that direction?

One option would be to use the API or a tool like Zapier.