Recurring Invoice sending every hour


Created a recurring invoice set for daily, endless, autopay and it is now sending invoices every hour.

Pls advice.






@david any thoughts?

Sounds like the send date is in the past. What is the next send date saying?

Next send today 03-27.


This is most likely a bug with the daily recurring invoice with a timezone that is -12 UTC

I’ll look into this. You’ll want to pause this recurring invoice.

Ok thank you for prompt respons.


I’m looking into this further, was this on the hosted platform? Do you still have this recurring invoice available? I am trying to recreate this in a test but haven’t had any luck recreating this issue so far.

Hello David,

Yes it is on the hosted platform.

I removed the invoice after our last communication.

I have created a new invoice so we may see if it will be the same, I will get back to you on this.

I don’t know if it may be related to us importing a backup from a self hosted installation, I noticed there was a gap in customer number 1-251, in other words our first customer number begins with 252.

On the self hosted installation this gap seems to have created some problem when I added some custom fields, each new field created a client duplicate. I have not tried adding fields on the hosted platform.

After adding the custom fields the self hosted platform client list begins as follows.


Then switching as follows


Then again creating some artefacts

And ending with



@IgnorantNinja the images haven’t come through for me unfortunately, are you able to see them?

I edited my last entry, pls check again.


Are you using a number pattern for your clients? It looks like the system is hitting duplicates, or the counter may be too far behind which explains why you are seeing the garbled _xxxx suffix

Yes it is a pattern.
Once the “gap” 1-251 was filled it seems to be normal behavior. I really don’t have any idea and I speculate that it is related to the number gap from the imported backup.

I have this issue also, fresh install testing everything out before we switch over


php 8.3.3 cli / web

It may help to change to PHP 8.2, I’m not sure if 8.3 is supported.