Recurring invoice pending?

I made a recurring invoice and pushed button ‘Email invoice’. I see the confirmation message “are you sure…”.

I pushed that and I notice some message about ‘cron not set’ and I don’t see a notification email that the invoice is sent. Also I see that the status of the recurring invoice is pending. So what is happening here?

Are you using or are you self-hosting the app?

I’m using I have two accounts there.

If you’re self hosting you need to setup a cron, if you’re using the recurring invoices are sent at the start of each hour.

Strange. Because I’m pretty sure it is pending now for about two hours. So then it missed two cron jobs there if they started at each hour.

If you are sure that they ran, can it be that my recurring invoice is somehow ‘invalid’ and that is why it is not sent? Can I check that somewhere?

I’m not sure, I’ll take a look

Can you send an email to with your account email address.

Note: if the start date is in the future we wait to send it.

@hillel we have the same issue. Start date is not in the future, recurring invoice is not set as draft, it says pending and it has been three days past when it is supposed to be sent out. It was created weeks ago.

we have also sent our details to

Is there a known issue on this? Or any other clarifications? We are using your hosted solution on

If you’re self hosting have you setup the crons?

We are not self-hosting. Our account is on

Hmm… can you check your email is confirmed, if it isn’t there will be a re-send button on Settingss > User Details.

It is confirmed. However, I did change it probably last week from one e-mail address to another, and only confirmed it today. You think that was what held the automatic job back? If it was (I already confirmed the new e-mail address this morning).

I.e. there is no other setting that I miss or configuration of the recurring invoices?

PS. whatever you/invoiceninja did/fix, our recurring invoice that was scheduled for Sept 17 went out and I was copied.

Glad to hear it’s working, confirming your email made the app send it on the next attempt

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