'Recurring invoice issued to' not translated in recurring invoice


When I create a new recurring invoice, the sentence ‘Recurring invoice issued to’ is not translated in the PDF preview. It stays in English. I tried to change it via ‘localisation’, but that doesn’t help.



Thanks for letting us know!

cc @david @ben


Does it appear correctly on the regular PDF?

Yes indeed, it appears correctly on the generated invoice. But not in the preview.
Same issue for “Recurring invoice issued to”.


I’m trying to recreate this locally, but i’m not having any lucky.

Are you using a particular language?


Here a screenshot when creating a new recurring invoice.

  • Basic settings > Localization: English
  • Client “Test User2” language: Dutch

The items like “Artikel (article), Aantal (amount)”, etc. are translated.
Currently on v5.3.15-C59